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The Science of Marketing Bioresearch Brands.

4 Great Ways to Place Your Printed Publication Online

By Karan Cushman | Jun 15, 2011

Make sure your biotech company’s newsletter, annual report, or magazine is taking advantage of the opportunities online, as well as catching the attention you deserve. Many healthcare magazines these days are being placed online. And those biomedical organizations that are following suit are gaining wide-spread exposure from online audiences. As a result they enjoy higher…

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Can Your Biomedical Company Logo Help You Succeed?

By Karan Cushman | Jun 13, 2011

When your logo represents your biotech business appropriately, you’ll gain the credibility and brand recognition you deserve. Biotech Marketing Today wrote an insightful article on the subject. Here’s my summary and additional thoughts. Your biotech company logo is the most recognizable aspect of your brand. Yet, 50% of businesses worldwide are unsuccessful within their first…

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Niche Marketing Within Your Website

By Karan Cushman | Jun 10, 2011

What kind of first impression does your biotech company’s website create? Here are my thoughts and a summary from Page One Web Solutions, who wrote an insightful article about niche marketing that is very applicable to biotech brands: The niche market is your specific product that you are focusing on; therefore you need to remember…

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How to Decide Which Charities Your Business Should Support

By Karan Cushman | Jun 6, 2011

Corporate social responsibility is becoming more important and by supporting certain charities, not only are you helping others immensely, it can also benefit your biotech brand by building stronger relationships with investors that may lead to larger financial gain. In a recent article, Architectural firm owner Michelle Cuthbert, provides some keen insights on how to…

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Your Biotech Brand’s Guide to Facebook

By Karan Cushman | Jun 3, 2011

Your Facebook presence can help your biotech brand engage your target audience regularly, leading to a substantial amount of exposure. PR executive, Dana Zemack, in an article for, has provided an insightful guide on how to start your community building on Facebook. Here is our brief summary of the article relating to biotech companies.…

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13 Ways to Make Your Biotech Business Appealing to the Media

By Karan Cushman | May 20, 2011

Your approach to attracting prospects for your company can be done simply through the process of building important relationships and getting connected. Patrick Garmore, in a recent article written for, created a list of 109 ways to help make your business irresistible to the media – here is a sampling of some of the…

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