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Five reasons why biotech companies should embrace social media

By Karan Cushman | May 12, 2011

Connecting your biotech company to social media can lead to great exposure, rich feedback and help sustain your growing business. After conducting a survey, Lab Manager Magazine found that lab managers have not been very involved with social media. When asked how often they use various outlets of social media, many admitted to never using…

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Five Reasons Why eBlasts are the Vehicle of Choice for Biotech Branding

By Karan Cushman | Apr 26, 2011

One of the most efficient and effective strategies for cultivating customer or investor relationships and increasing biotech brand loyalty is the online newsletter, or eBlast as we call them. When consumers and investors stay connected to a biotech brand, retention increases drastically. As little as a 5% increase can impact net profits by 20%. New…

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Designing a Positive Online Experience for Patients

By Karan Cushman | Apr 21, 2011

The overall experience of a patient browsing you site can determine how they feel about your biotech brand when they leave, and whether or not their experience was gratifying and positive enough to return. In order to ensure a customer is getting exactly what they came to your website for, you need to know where…

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What Are Investors Looking For in Annual Reports?

By Karan Cushman | Apr 20, 2011

More than an obligatory performance review, your annual report is a vital opportunity to build brand loyalty for your biotech company. Yes, even in the investment world brand loyalty exists, say friends at Goldman Sachs. Is your annual report delivering more than just numbers on a page? The Two Things Investors Want Most From Your…

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Is Your Website Market Smart?

By Karan Cushman | Apr 12, 2011

Here’s some quick advice for determining if your biotech brand’s website is market smart. Successful biotech brands foster emotional connections with their audience. And although the interface between your website and a potential investor or an existing consumer is a computer screen, it’s still an opportunity to make a personal connection with those in your…

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6 Top Twitter Tips for Biotech Brands

By Karan Cushman | Mar 19, 2011

Twitter can have an immense impact on your biotech company’s image, growth, and sales. Daniel Alder shared a list of 21 Twitter tips for an article for Here’s a quick summary for using Twitter to grow your biotech company with these 6 tips:  1. Viral Marketing With Twitter you can use viral marketing to…

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