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Breaking Through Title

Cushman Creative Takes Gold MarCom Award for MDI Biological Laboratory’s donor magazine “Breaking Through”

By Karan Cushman | Dec 6, 2017

Cushman Creative, a design agency specializing in biomedical and life science marketing, was honored with a gold 2017 MarCom Award for its work with the MDI Biological Laboratory located in Bar Harbor, Maine. PORT CLYDE, Maine – December 7, 2017: Cushman Creative took gold for the redesign of the MDI Bio Lab’s semi-annual donor magazine,…

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Thomas Watson Quote

Use design thinking to win more business and support

By Karan Cushman | Sep 22, 2017

How you can drive profits by putting people first More and more, design is at the forefront of modern business. Fortune 500 companies are making big investments in it and creating new profit opportunities by applying the mindset and process of design, known as “design thinking.” This philosophy uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to…

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nonprofit podcasting

The benefits of nonprofit podcasting (and how to get started)

By Karan Cushman | Aug 8, 2017

Nonprofit podcasting offers a powerful way to connect with your donors one-on-one through one of the most effective forms of communication–sound. In the office, in the gym, or on the go, more people are listening to audio content. And that includes your donors. Compared to video, nonprofit podcasting offers much easier entry, higher efficiency and significantly lower…

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Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing Gives Life Science Companies the Edge

By Karan Cushman | Jun 3, 2017

Personalized marketing is generating superior returns. Here are 3 reasons why life science marketers don’t want to miss out. Personalized marketing isn’t very common in the life science industry yet. As a result, there are significant — and untapped — opportunities for early adopters. All you have to do is connect your prospects to the right resources and information at…

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Life Science Brand Building: The Power of the Sales Sheet

By Karan Cushman | May 16, 2017

Strategy documents can be hundreds of pages long. But what’s most important about your life science brand should said in just one: the sales sheet. A sales sheet is a simple, yet powerful document. It tells your audience why your brand matters. At the same time, it builds consensus among leadership inside your organization. Whether it’s a product…

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Using Data to Improve Life Science Marketing

Using Data to Improve Life Science Marketing

By Karan Cushman | May 3, 2017

Why data should be driving more of your life science marketing decisions Data provides insights that drive better decision-making, and Life Science marketers that know how to translate it into action are much more likely to see positive results. According to Bain & Company, companies that use data to make choices about how to operate are:…

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