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The Science of Marketing Bioresearch Brands.

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Planning for Promotion: 6 Ways to Get More Mileage Out of Your Life Science Marketing Content

By Karan Cushman | Mar 27, 2017

As marketing experts we know its not enough just to create content. Your Life Science organization needs a promotion strategy for getting the most ROI from its content marketing efforts. That means planning for promotion. In a study of over 600 marketing professionals: 65% said they are creating blogs 64% are producing case studies and/or white papers 47%…

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3 Tips for Using Virtual Reality in Life Science Marketing

By Karan Cushman | Mar 15, 2017

VR gives marketers a new way to simplify the complexities of science When you think about virtual reality, you may think about video games or amusement park-type applications. Chances are you haven’t seen a lot of VR used to market life science companies. But thanks to growing interest and simple innovations like Google cardboard, VR…

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eBook: 5 Steps for Creating Life Science Infographics That Go Viral

By Karan Cushman | Mar 7, 2017

Learn to create shareworthy content and raise the visibility of your Life Science Brand This ebook is part of our Smarter Life Science Branding series, and it includes everything you need to know to create a Life Science Infographic that gets shared over and over. Infographics are a highly effective marketing tool for building brand awareness,…

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Can Your Life Science Website Be Visionary and Still Get Down to Business?

By Karan Cushman | Feb 21, 2017

How to serve your customer’s immediate needs while still sharing your brand’s greater purpose If you are simply focused on the nuts and bolts of selling, you may be missing an opportunity to build a meaningful brand that will elevate you above the competition. Sharing your larger vision can set your Life Science company apart. Of…

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Great Taglines Stem From Strong Brand Positioning

By Karan Cushman | Jan 9, 2017

Creating a meaningful tagline that distinguishes your life science brand from others in the category begins with brand positioning. Why You Need a Powerful Tagline It’s surprising how many life science companies do not have a distinguishing tagline, because creating an intelligent tagline is key to branding success. Taglines can inspire customers and potential customers while…

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Marketing Essentials

Marketing Essentials for Up-And-Coming Brands

By Karan Cushman | Dec 6, 2016

An explosion of new tools is making it easier than ever to connect with your audience. But are all of these new toys marketing essentials? We don’t think so. Today, bioresearch brands have so many ways to connect with potential customers and supporters that you can’t possibly use them all. But which ones are right for those…

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