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The Science of Marketing Bioresearch Brands.

Marketing Essentials

Marketing Essentials for Up-And-Coming Brands

By Karan Cushman | Dec 6, 2016

An explosion of new tools is making it easier than ever to connect with your audience. But are all of these new toys marketing essentials? We don’t think so. Today, bioresearch brands have so many ways to connect with potential customers and supporters that you can’t possibly use them all. But which ones are right for those…

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Design Power: How Typography Creates More Memorable Communications

By Karan Cushman | Nov 14, 2016

Typography is much more than choosing a corporate font. It is the art of arranging text in a way that is both arresting and engaging. Done well, typography can make your next Biomedical, Biopharma or Life Science marketing campaign easier to read, relate to and remember. Here’s how typography can make your Bioresearch Brand communications more memorable: Well…

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How 3 Organizations Use Patient-driven Marketing Campaigns to Build More Enduring Brands

By Karan Cushman | Oct 17, 2016

From big pharma to nonprofit biomedical groups, more bioresearch brands are turning to patients to create meaningful marketing communications. The nature of bioresearch—something that is done in protected labs, far away from the public eye—can also separate it from the very patients it is designed to help. By reconnecting your work to the patients it benefits, your bioresearch organization can…

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5 Ways to Get Your Bioresearch Brand’s Digital Content Noticed

By Karan Cushman | Oct 5, 2016

You’re generating content regularly. You’re choosing strategic focus keywords and writing with SEO in mind. But you’re still competing with a lot of other stuff. Here are 5 quick tips for getting your digital content noticed by the right people more often. It’s pretty clear the marketing world has discovered the power of content. That’s why there’s…

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How to Write a Newsworthy Press Release for Your Bioresearch Brand

By Karan Cushman | Sep 1, 2016

4 questions to ask before spending marketing funds on PR Biomedical, Biopharma and Life Science organizations must stay relevant in order to maintain community trust, donor or investor support and customer loyalty. One of the first marketing tactics they often turn to is the Press Release. A Press Release is an incredibly valuable marketing tool,…

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Graphis Design Annual features Cushman Creative’s Annual Report Work

By Karan Cushman | Aug 19, 2016

Port Clyde, Maine – Cushman Creative, a design agency specializing in biomedical and life science marketing, received a merit in the Graphis 2017 Design Annual for its powerful work with the MDI Biological Laboratory located in Bar Harbor, Maine. Graphis featured Cushman’s 2014 Annual Report titled “Breaking Through”, which celebrates the champions that make medical breakthroughs…

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