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Why Print Marketing Still Matters

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Print marketing is far from dead, but its role is changing for life science organizations. Today you can reach any audience more effectively with the right mix of print and digital. The growth of the digital world is creating intense pressure to stay relevant. If you’re like most teams, you’ve probably been feeling that urgency…

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Bioresearch Branding That Works—Part 3: Communicating with Multiple Audiences

Does your bioresearch brand need different voices for different audience segments? Many bioresearch brands struggle with the need to market to more than one audience. Different divisions of a organization often work with very different markets. And even within divisions you’ll often find audience segments with different needs, desires, and goals. By understanding their individual motivations, here’s how…

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2016 Bioresearch Content Marketing Survey Results Announced

BioResearch industry marketers feel the need for stronger brand strategy and messaging. This December we polled 4,500 marketing professionals from leading life science companies, biopharmas and non-profit biomedical research organizations throughout the United States, in addition to major global players. Trends were notably similar suggesting common goals and challenges, including the need to create stronger…

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Establishing a Strong Life Science Brand

What life science start-up brands need to establish their business Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Chris Conner on the Life Science Marketing Radio podcast. We covered the basics of getting a life science brand up and running, even if you don’t have a product or customers yet. While we focused primarily on startups, we…

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Aligning Your Life Science Sales and Marketing Teams

How one strategic conversation can give your campaigns more momentum. For Life Science companies, getting your Sales and Marketing teams on the same page can be an ongoing challenge. These two teams often operate from a different game plan and from various locations around the world making quality time together more of a luxury than…

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Tips for Building a Sustainable Biotech Brand

Your biotech brand is your company’s image to the world. Here are some tips for measuring your brand’s effectiveness and sustaining your reputation as a loyal and trustworthy biotech brand. For a brand to be successful it has to distinguishable – grabbing the attention and trust of your target audience. In today’s noisy, digital age,…

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