Brand Discovery Workshops

Boost Your Internal Team’s Efficiency and Success


Get Your Team Focused on Clear Goals

Step away from the office for a half-day or full-day session that will steer your sales, development, or marketing team toward success. Whether you’re focused on a single campaign or creating a year-long marketing plan, your team will leave with 3-4 clear strategies they feel invested in.

Your custom Brand Discovery Workshop will be designed to facilitate open discussions and brainstorm new ideas for realizing the full potential of your brand. Agency President Karan Cushman will lead your session or participate as a co-host.

See our Discovery Workshops for Biomedical Development Teams
See our Discovery Workshops for Life Science Teams.

Brand Discovery Workshops for Biomedical Development Teams

Development teams play a critical role in enabling biomedical research to continue. Brand Discovery Workshops bring development and communication team members together to focus and improve their fundraising strategy.

Your team will have the opportunity to share perspectives about why your work matters. We’ll work together to confirm key target audiences, identifying what and how they need to hear from you. By the end of the day your team should have a clear idea of how your biomedical brand creates value with the power to motivate your donor-based audiences.


You’ll get clear strategies for dealing with challenges like these:

  • Creating a meaningful connection with donors that encourages new and repeat funding
  • Getting maximum return from limited resources of time, personnel, or expertise
  • Staying focused, organized, and results-oriented
  • Keeping your board and leadership engaged and focused on fundraising
  • Delivering key messages with confidence, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas
  • Optimizing cross-channel marketing efforts
  • Reaffirming key target audiences and communicating why your science matters
  • Communicating with media

Brand Discovery Workshops for Life Science and Emerging Pharma Marketing Teams

Marketing teams thrive when everyone works from a single strategy that positions you as an industry leader rather than just reacting to the latest market trends. And whether you are veteran life science brand or an emerging pharma looking for investors, Brand Discovery Workshops will help you develop a unified vision that empowers your team with the confidence and efficiency that generates results.

Setting aside a small amount of time to get together — especially if your team normally works in multiple locations — pays significant dividends today and tomorrow. Together you’ll create a vision for your organization that everyone can believe in, making it easier to communicate its value to your buyers and investors.


Life Sciences teams use Brand Discovery Workshops to develop strategies for these challenges and more:

  • Establishing your brand’s reputation, including product performance and efficacy
  • Developing meaningful, cohesive plans everyone on your internal team can believe in
  • Monitoring the results of campaigns to pinpoint successful strategies and optimize future efforts
  • Creating plans driven by strategy instead of deadlines
  • Managing ad hoc requests and other distractions from your plan
  • Delivering key messages with confidence, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas
  • Optimizing cross-channel marketing efforts
  • Reaffirming key target audiences and communicating your successes
  • Generating attention from the media and potential buyers — and translating those efforts into qualified leads and sales

Want to learn more about our Brand Discovery Workshops?

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