Quality of life matters to everyone,
everywhere, including us.

That’s why we focus our expertise on supporting health science brands that can improve human health. We are driven by the possibilities of scientific discovery and the impact it can have on our lives.

We know that cures are not the only answer. The real magic happens every day, one small discovery at a time through basic research. By helping grow biomedical non-profit, life science and emerging pharma brands, we know we play a small role in finding the revenue and support needed to keep innovation alive.

If your research, product or technology focuses on improving human health, we have the expertise to support you. Together, we can amplify your mission, give more meaning to your brand, and show people how your discoveries touch their lives.

Agency Leadership

Led by founder Karan Cushman, we are an adventurous team of creative thinkers who have lived, worked and traveled all over the world. From New York to California, São Paolo to Switzerland, we’ve been there. We use those experiences to create award-winning brands that resonate from coast to coast and across the globe, and we embrace the challenges and opportunities of marketing to different cultures.

As business leaders, volunteers, artists, designers, writers, photographers, strategists, cinematographers, mothers, fathers, and adventurers, we share a commitment to help others, have fun and live well.

Have a marketing issue you are wrestling with?

Sometimes an outside perspective can help. Send us an email with a rough agenda of what you’d like to cover and we’ll set up a time to speak.

What others are saying

“Finally had a chance to really look at your case statement. It’s brilliant, beginning to end. You’ve set a new standard. Which makes my work in the future SO much easier…This is the best I’ve ever seen. Congratulations.”  

– Tom Ahern, Donor Communications

“The business material Cushman Creative provided was tremendous in communicating my company’s interests to scientists and investors. At a recent international OneMedMarket Conference, I presented an investor pitch and folks commented that the logo and tagline were a wonderful match. It clearly drove home the message of Novo Biosciences.” 

– Voot Yin, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer

“Our partnership with Cushman Creative has increased awareness of our campaigns and streamlined how we coordinate our marketing efforts tremendously. Their dedication and support has helped many more wishes come true.”  

– Tom Peaco, Executive Director, Make-A-Wish® Maine

“‘See Flash Run’ is one of the most successful campaigns in company history. The direct and online-based marketing generated more leads and sales than any other effort in recent memory. As we added new products, the continuing campaign built on the initial success and created a well-recognized, high-impact theme for this widely successful product group.”  

– Mary Riley, FlashGel Product Manager, Lonza Inc.

“For us, finding powerful visuals to help convey a compelling story was paramount. Strong images, clean design and engaging copy are critical to capturing the imagination of the reader -- and moving them to action.”  

– Jerilyn Bowers, Director of Development & Public Affairs, MDI Biological Laboratory

“Karan Cushman brought design excellence to The Jackson Laboratory. As examples, our anniversary materials won national awards, impressed our international guests and set the design standard for a whole range of Laboratory publications.”  

– Joyce Peterson, Public Information Manager, The Jackson Laboratory

“Karan Cushman and her team provided a great solution for presenting interactive tours of our global facilities on our website. The project management was fantastic and the team was easy to work with.”  

– Melissa Blind, Global Internet Marketing Manager, Genzyme Corporation