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6 Top Twitter Tips for Biotech Brands

By Karan Cushman, March 19, 2011

Twitter can have an immense impact on your biotech company’s image, growth, and sales.

Daniel Alder shared a list of 21 Twitter tips for an article for Here’s a quick summary for using Twitter to grow your biotech company with these 6 tips: 

1. Viral Marketing
With Twitter you can use viral marketing to increase brand awareness and achieve those marketing objectives you set for your biotech company.  Start a campaign, for example, using the hashtag (which are used to collate Twitter responses).

A website builder named Moonfruit gave away 11 Macbook Pro computers and 10 Ipod Touches – all the contestants had to do was tweet using the hashtag #moonfruit. Website traffic for Moonfruit was up 300% only a month after the contest ended.

2. Focus Groups
Listening to the needs of your clients and investors of your biotech company is very important. The advantage of Twitter is that you can listen and learn from their conversations and feedback. Providing a hashtag to collect these responses makes it easier to do so.

3. Poaching Customers
By using TweetDeck, you can set up a search for your competitor’s username and see specific follow lists. You’re able to browse past tweets, and monitor conversations, learning more about your competitors and what’s being said about them. It’s also a good idea to start following some of your competitors follow lists, and get followed back so you can start a direct relationship.

4. Vendor Selection
Using Twitter can not only help you get customers, but also suppliers. You can build an amount of contributors for your company by tweeting where you’re next stop is, which could lead to discount offers from hotels or other travel-services providers.

5. Employee Recruitment
Another opportunity where Twitter can help get messages across could be for hiring new employees. An automated tweet can send a direct message to prospects whenever a position would open up. This could also save your biotech company hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of investing it all in online job boards.

6. Raising Capital
Informing people on how to they could invest and contribute to your biotech company in their own personal way is better than you asking.

A great example of a company using Twitter to do this was Epic Change, a non-profit organization that encourages people to tell their stories about building and transforming communities. They launched a website called Tweetsgiving where they asked people to tweet what they were grateful for, and eventually assembled the responses at #tweetsgiving – provided a link back to the Tweetsgiving website.  It was there that the users had the possibility to contribute money to Tanzanian classrooms.

The campaign was only 48 hours with 15,000 people coming to the website. A total of $11,000 was donated.

Click on the following link to read Dan’s complete list Twenty-One Top Twitter Tips. Also I would welcome you to follow me on Twitter: @karancushman

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