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Can Your Biomedical Company Logo Help You Succeed?

Can Your Biomedical Company Logo Help You Succeed?

By Karan Cushman, June 13, 2011

When your logo represents your biotech business appropriately, you’ll gain the credibility and brand recognition you deserve.

Biotech Marketing Today wrote an insightful article on the subject. Here’s my summary and additional thoughts.

Your biotech company logo is the most recognizable aspect of your brand. Yet, 50% of businesses worldwide are unsuccessful within their first few years because of a lack of effective marketing. And while logos and branding systems can take months of high-level thinking and costs thousands of dollars, there are some basic elements in developing a strong logo no matter the scale or size of your budget.

Your biotech company logo is more than a small image that is placed on your marketing materials – it is the symbol for everything your biotech firm represents. Some companies may think of their logo as very insignificant, but it’s an essential part of your overall brand image and success. It’s the first impression consumers gather from your brand and it’s the most lasting.

Take a moment and think about your logo. Can your audience easily identify with it and what your biotech company represents?

Here’s three simple tips for making a lasting impression:

  1. Simple is a good. This doesn’t mean you put it together in a few minutes, but rather that you draw attention to one simple visual image. This visual image should effectively communicate who you are. Too complex a logo can be distracting and difficult to print. This is important considering all of the places your biotech logo may appear – from web to advertising and packaging and environmental displays.
  2. The best logos tend to be one or two colors – again minimal. They will serve as the foundation of your brand system which often incorporates more color. How can color bring meaning to your brand and your audience? How it will play out throughout your corporate marketing materials?
  3. Tagline vs. Logo. Your tagline is a short memorable phrase that describes your unique business purpose giving your audience a deeper sense of your brand. Where possible it should appear with your logo. That said, your logo should have the ability to stand alone, graphically.

These beginning tips will help you get started on a successful track towards a developing a powerful logo for your biotech brand with both flexibility and longevity.

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