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Can Podcasts Help Your Biomedical Nonprofit Gain More Donor Support?

Can Podcasts Help Your Biomedical Nonprofit Gain More Donor Support?

By Karan Cushman, February 18, 2015

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3 Leadership Marketing lessons we can learn from The Wistar Institute.

The Wistar Institute is an independent institution located in Philadelphia, PA that is devoted to medical research and training. This Podcast on their website demonstrates that the communications team at The Wistar Institute understands Leadership Marketing and knows how to execute it effectively. Here are three things we can learn from their work:

Lesson 1. Lead with a Leader
The first section of The Wistar Institute’s March Podcast is dedicated to highlighting their work and expertise. The main feature is an informative interview with a key Wistar scientist, Dr. Luis Montaner, D.V.M.. In the podcast, Montaner discusses the latest methods for preventing and curing HIV and AIDS. While the information provided is technical, it is presented in a way that is also accessible, making it appropriate for all audiences, not just other scientists.

The Wistar marketing team made a smart choice by featuring one of their leading scientists and providing useful, insightful information at the same time. They went a step further by spotlighting Dr. Montaner on their website’s homepage under the heading “Meet a Scientist”. This offers two ways for visitors to their site to learn more about the experts on their staff, and it demonstrates Wistar’s commitment to hiring the best and brightest scientists.

Takeaway: Podcasts are a great platform for highlighting your institution’s thought-leaders in a way that is both insightful and accessible for most audiences.

Lesson 2. Leverage Loyal Donors
The next feature in the March Podcast is an interview with Lynsie Solomon, a current donor who talks about why she is a dedicated supporter of The Wistar Institute, and why she encourages others to get involved. In her discussion, Lynsie promotes an upcoming fundraising event, and because she is a donor, and not an official Wistar representative, it lends an air of authenticity and excitement to the event. The interviewer wisely guides the conversation, ensuring that Lynsie communicates key messages about the work being done at the Institute. Overall, it is a well-crafted section that shows the value of The Wistar Institute without sounding like a marketing message.

Takeaway: One of your best fundraising assets is your current donors. Allowing them to do the bragging for you also helps them feel more connected to your brand.

Lesson 3: Get Your Audience Involved
The April Podcast winds down with the most recent news and a schedule of upcoming events sponsored by The Wistar Institute. It is clear that these news snippets were chosen to demonstrate that the Institute is both well-respected and leading-edge. However, at no time does the tone of the podcast shift into “marketing mode”. Sharing upcoming events shows the breadth of activities happening at the Institute and invites participation.

Takeaway: You can help your audience feel like an insider by updating them on news and inviting them to participate in your institution’s events. Regularly sharing what is happening inside of your Biomedical Nonprofit with the outside world is a great way to build trust and gain loyal followers.

Leadership Marketing content like this is worth creating because it can be shared across the web and can effectively drive interested, motivated audiences back to your website. The Wistar Institute took a chance by creating podcasts and executing them flawlessly. I wonder, what will they do next?

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