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Bioresearch Content Marketing Survey Results Announced

Bioresearch Content Marketing Survey Results Announced

By Karan Cushman, March 29, 2016


BioResearch industry marketers feel the need for stronger brand strategy and messaging.

This December we polled 4,500 marketing professionals from leading life science companies, biopharmas and non-profit biomedical research organizations throughout the United States, in addition to major global players. Trends were notably similar suggesting common goals and challenges, including the need to create stronger brand stories.

The survey asked about content consumption, preferred communication tactics, marketing barriers, and digital/social media platform use. While responses from for-profit and non-profit professionals differed somewhat, many of the responses validated conventional wisdom and long-held assumptions about the industries. For example, it’s no surprise that many of you struggle with limited resources of time, people, or funding.

The data also offered up a few surprises:

  • Despite the decline in attention spans nationwide, the majority of science marketing professionals told us they actually prefer to consume long-form content.
  • While many organizations expressed a desire to grow their social media presence, we found that some of the hottest emerging digital platforms aren’t currently being exploited.
  • And there’s one content marketing technology that’s been considered highly innovative in recent years — one many companies have been working to take advantage of — yet most science marketers don’t seem very interested in it themselves.


To learn more, download the Executive Summary and discover what matters most to your marketing peers, including their top priorities for 2016.


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Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey this year. And congratulations to Jennifer P. of the Allen Institute and Beth R. at Roche Diabetes Care, who each won a free Maine lobster from the F/V Bugcatcha.

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