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How Biomedical Marketing Leaders Can Get on the Fast Track to Simplification

How Biomedical Marketing Leaders Can Get on the Fast Track to Simplification

By Karan Cushman, February 4, 2014

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3 tactics for strengthening your nonprofit’s messaging and design.

Digitization has created a dramatic shift in the way information is shared. Consumers can now access unlimited information with the push of a few buttons, but they are also increasingly targeted by advertisements at every turn. This constant flurry of information is leaving many consumers feeling overwhelmed, which is why innovative marketers are touting simplification as a top trend for 2014.

While it is clear that simplification is increasingly important for effective cross-channel marketing, deciding how to simplify is not always easy. I believe that staying focused on a few specific tactics will help get you started:

1) Respect Consumers
Regardless of demographics, consumers value simplicity. For instance, even though their customer-base thinks of themselves as tech-savvy, Apple has built a mega-brand making complex technologies more user-friendly. But that’s a big task in today’s ever-changing, tech-focused world. What biomedical nonprofits do is also complicated, and the path to the consumer is often less direct. That’s why biomedical marketers that hone their USP, simplify their communications and streamline the consumer buying process will stand out. How?

2) Set a Basic Course of Action to Frame Each Initiative
Think about your call to action and how it relates to your consumer, and then focus on the essential content for getting them to follow through.

a) Know your audience
b) Communicate your value proposition: the intersection of unmet market needs and your core competencies.
c) Offer a clear call to action: What do you want the consumer to do?
d) Have the proper response in place

3) Be More Visual
The growing popularity of image-sharing networks like Pinterest and Instagram is strong evidence of the demand for simplified, visual content. Visual content makes your information stand out, it makes your content more digestible across all marketing channels, and it helps readers retain your information longer. Consumers are increasingly choosing to connect via mobile devices, and they don’t have the time or interest to navigate technological hurdles. Keeping it simple prevents marketing messages from getting lost in translation.

Simplification isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but it’s definitely worth the effort. If you need help simplifying your next marketing initiative, feel free to contact me, Karan Cushman, at 866-960-9220 or email

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