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Is Your Biomedical Nonprofit Building a Long-Term Relationship With Donors?

Is Your Biomedical Nonprofit Building a Long-Term Relationship With Donors?

By Karan Cushman, December 8, 2014

4 Leadership Marketing Tactics for Retaining Supporters

As a Biomedical Nonprofit, attracting new donors is always a major goal. But what about retaining the donors you have? The length and quality of your relationship with donors can influence them to include your institution in an endowment or even their will.

Here are 4 Leadership Marketing tactics that can help ensure you are building trust and earning lifetime support:

Be accountable
If you’ve outlined how your Biomedical Nonprofit will use funds, follow through by demonstrating how those dollars were spent. For instance, if you raised funds for an improvement to your facilities, remember to share the results and communicate the positive impact your donors’ contributions had. Doing this on a regular basis will maintain a positive dialogue and give donors the confidence of knowing you respect their giving intentions.

Communicate on their terms
The Internet provides new options for keeping in touch with donors, but it’s not everyone’s preferred method of communication. Understand how donors like to receive information, solicitations and acknowledgements. If you began the donor relationship by mail, don’t assume you can automatically move that conversation/giving behavior online. Give your donors choices, and respect their comfort level.

Involve donors
Avoid including a direct ask in every communication. It is nice to occasionally send updates about how and what your Biomedical Nonprofit is doing without including a little envelope or “donate now” button. This lets donors know that you value their participation as much as their contributions. Of course, you can always direct them online for more information where they will certainly have the opportunity to give, but the real goal is to invite an emotional investment as well as a monetary one.

Show gratitude
This is a simple but critical step in keeping donors on your side for the long-term. Thank them at every opportunity. Let donors know you value their participation in making your institution the scientific leader it is!


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