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The benefits of nonprofit podcasting (and how to get started)

The benefits of nonprofit podcasting (and how to get started)

By Karan Cushman, August 8, 2017

Nonprofit podcasting offers a powerful way to connect with your donors one-on-one through one of the most effective forms of communication–sound.

In the office, in the gym, or on the go, more people are listening to audio content. And that includes your donors. Compared to video, nonprofit podcasting offers much easier entry, higher efficiency and significantly lower costs.

The emotional connection that comes from hearing someone’s voice and tone — and only that — is very powerful. Other noise seems to fade away, allowing listeners to develop a deeper connection to your science, plus empathy for the research you’re doing, and the path ahead for your investigators. Podcasting is a great way to boost awareness of your organization, as well as your influence and it can be as simple as an interview, light editing and you’re live with a compelling and personal story to share with donors and other important constituents. (Not to mention the bonus word count for your website.)

In this audio interview — itself a podcast (see, it works!) — biomedical marketing specialist Karan Cushman and Chris Conner, host of Life Science Marketing Radio, discuss the many ways science-based nonprofit podcasting can boost donor response, engage scientists and grow your community of advocates. Best of all, you can do it while making the most of limited resources.

You’ll discover the advantages any organization can gain by using audio content, plus specific insights into the benefits for biomedical nonprofits. You’ll also learn:

• how to get started with minimal effort
• the best way to plan your podcast efforts, and
• smart strategies for attracting the interest of your target audience.

Listen below.


Podcast: Why biomedical nonprofits need audio content in their marketing mix.


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