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Tips for Building a Sustainable Biotech Brand

Tips for Building a Sustainable Biotech Brand

By Karan Cushman, August 4, 2012

Your biotech brand is your company’s image to the world. Here are some tips for measuring your brand’s effectiveness and sustaining your reputation as a loyal and trustworthy biotech brand.

For a brand to be successful it has to distinguishable – grabbing the attention and trust of your target audience. In today’s noisy, digital age, your audience is becoming more influential when it comes to how your brand is portrayed. Here are some tips for building and maintaining a sustainable biotech brand.

How Interactive And Engaging is Your Biotech Brand?
Marketing today is less about shouting what you have to offer and more about participating in conversations with those who share your passion. True brand engagement strengthens the investor and consumer experience. Smart brands are mastering engagement by becoming more interactive, and yes, social. A two-way conversation with potential investors, researchers or others, offers an inside track for those who share your passion to learn about your work in more meaningful and personal ways. For your biotech brand, this level of engagement can lead to longer-term business relationships, market sustainability, and greater brand value overall.

How Contagious Is Your Biotech Brand?
Your brand message should be valuable enough to your investors or consumers that, not only are they interested, they want to share it with others. Sure there is an innate level of brand value for biotech companies worldwide who are working to improve our health and the health of our planet. Beyond this greater purpose, your biotech brand must focus on and communicate the one thing that makes a difference for your investors and researchers – and make it viral.

Paying It Forward for a Greater Purpose
Today, biotech brand leaders look at the marketplace with a global vision. And hopefully, as leader in the biotech industry you’ve become a valuable resource. What if you used that global vision to share more of what you believe is of value? In other words, pay it forward by sharing what and who you know. What investments is your brand making? What products to your researchers covet? In this day and age of content marketing, brands that generate more are rising up and staying top of mind. Your generosity will encourage other brands to do the same.

Can Your Biotech Brand Afford Not to Be Social?
The power of the consumer is stronger than ever. Newsletters, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, are enabling consumers to become brand stewards. By taking an active, social role in building consumer confidence you demonstrate that you care about your audience. And basic marketing is social – it’s about engaging an audience and continuing to respond to their specific needs as they evolve. If you’re continually striving to serve your brand purpose and audience well, sharing that emerging story with the world should be exhilarating, not frightening.

3 Quick Ways to Monitor Feedback:

• Conduct a random satisfaction survey via phone or email by asking customers to rate their satisfaction with the company or products they received.
• Review comments and monitor online networking sites to see what customers are saying about your biotech brand.
• is an online monitoring tool to help track what is being said about your company online. It scans millions of websites, news, blogs, video, forums etc. allowing you to monitor content about your biotech firm if it matches the keywords you place in.

This post was inspired by Michael Hyatt, author of the new book  Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, who also wrote an insightful article about how to monitor your brand’s effectiveness.

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