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Clarify Your Bioresearch Brand’s Goals with a Messaging Platform

Clarify Your Bioresearch Brand’s Goals with a Messaging Platform

By Karan Cushman, August 1, 2015

Clear and easy messaging can inspire creativity and empower internal teams towards your business goal.

Before handing your next campaign or product launch strategy off to your internal marketing communications team or your external agency, be sure you firm it up into a Messaging Platform that will give them a framework for success.

A Messaging Platform offers a clear outline of:

  1. Your main message, promise or claim
  2. The 3 or 4 main copy points, or Power Points, that support your main message

Defining the key messaging points for your next Biomedical or Life Science marketing campaign will jumpstart your team and ensure they continue on the right track by:

Solidifying Your Internal Viewpoint
It takes creativity to inspire external audiences, but all creative executions need to align with your internal business goals to drive the proper response. A concrete Messaging Platform outlines those strategic goals by defining your ideal audience takeaway.

Giving Creativity Parameters
Your external agency, Communications or Development team will appreciate knowing the specific information they should be communicating. Having a strategic framework will make their job easier and results more effective. Rather than spending time trying to decide what to say, creative teams can focus on finding powerful ways to say it. Just remember, a Messaging Platform isn’t meant to be used as verbatim ad or brochure copy. The idea is to create a springboard for more creative expression.

Aligning Sales and Marketing
A “just the facts” approach to messaging will keep your Marketing, Sales and Development teams on the same page as they work through how to communicate with customers and donors. A Messaging Platform helps define the key messages you want them to share, and it allows each team to share those messages in ways that suit their needs. For instance, how a message is communicated during a face-to-face meeting will be very different than how it is communicated on your website. As long as the purpose behind that message is consistent, your Bioresearch brand’s business strategy will remain intact.

Ensuring Consistency
Consistency of message matters in many ways, but specifically when you are executing an integrated campaign or product launch. Clearly, you can’t use the same creative content—or specific message—at every touchpoint. Having a Messaging Platform gives parameters without limiting broad thinking. Your creative team may lead with the main message on your website, and then lead with supporting Power Points in other tactics like banner ads. The Messaging Platform gives teams the flexibility to express the key messages as they see fit as long as the core of those messages remain intact.

A Messaging Platform is just one part of empowering your Biomedical Nonprofit or Life Science company’s internal teams. For more strategies check out my post on Aligning Your Life Science Sales and Marketing Teams. You can also contact us about a Discovery Workshop—a half-day or full-day strategy session that will help your whole team align its goals.


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