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Planning for Promotion: 6 Ways to Get More Mileage Out of Your Life Science Marketing Content

Planning for Promotion: 6 Ways to Get More Mileage Out of Your Life Science Marketing Content

By Karan Cushman, March 27, 2017

As marketing experts we know its not enough just to create content. Your Life Science organization needs a promotion strategy for getting the most ROI from its content marketing efforts. That means planning for promotion.

In a study of over 600 marketing professionals:

  • 65% said they are creating blogs
  • 64% are producing case studies and/or white papers
  • 47% are creating videos
  • 45% are writing online articles
  • 39% are creating infographics


How can you compete with so much content and pull together a distribution plan that get results?

Here are 6 tactics for promoting your Life Science Marketing content to be sure it gets the attention it deserves:

1) Get Visual

Turning your content into a more visually driven platform, such as an Infographic, is a smart way to get more eyes on your content instantly. 65% of our population learns visually, which makes this a great tactic for reaching new audiences. And, according to Hubspot, Infographics are liked and shared three times more than other content, and users are 30 times more likely to read them than text. (Learn more about creating Infographics that go viral in our new Ebook.)


2) Mix It Up

Turn long-form content into shorter content that you share on your blog, in an Enewsletter and in social media posts. Likewise, turn shorter posts into long-form content such as downloadable white papers and/or Ebooks, or even repurpose the content as a webinar and/or podcast. Finally, be sure your video content is optimized on your YouTube channel with relevant descriptions and file names. Remember, next to Google, it’s the second most popular search engine. Ultimately, repurposing or reformatting your content in several ways and distributing it differently increases the chances it will be found, liked and/or shared.


3) Share It In Stages

Some of your readers and/or customers have been with you a long time, and they deserve special access to your content before anyone else sees it. Email them directly to share new Ebooks and other premium content, and let them know they are getting an exclusive glimpse of the content before it goes public. This can increase sharing even before you release content on your website or in an email campaign.


4) Don’t Forget LinkedIn

For B2B marketers LinkedIn is the leading social channel for driving customer engagement and acquisition. Their simple publishing platform enables marketers to distribute content instantly and specifically to industry colleagues who are interested in relevant viewpoints, resources, products and services. Plus, your employees who are also on LinkedIn can help distribute your library of content and grow your circle.


5) Consider Paid Promotion

A little paid promotion can go a long way towards getting your content in front of the right readers. If you’re new to paid promotion don’t be intimidated. Start with a key social channel and experiment. Linked-In, Twitter and Facebook all offer easy start up methods and specific targeting to help you get the most bang for your buck. Services like Outbrain, which recommends your content on respected media sites and news journals like CNN and Time, can quickly increase views. The cost-per-click for creating content ads can be low when balanced against the ability to target a specific audience that really matters.

6) Leverage Media and Industry Advocates

Not every piece of content is newsworthy, but it’s important to consider the possibility. Your content may have value to a larger audience and can be tailored to share with key media and industry organizations. For instance, if you have quotes from industry influencers in a white paper, portions of the content can be used to create a press release sharing changes in industry thinking. Reaching out to media and industry contacts regularly will help you deepen those relationships and stay front and center in the public eye, making all of your content more likely to be read.


Remember, when you regularly create, share and promote quality content, all of the work you do serves a larger purpose. Sure, you are hoping to draw in new customers, investors and/or recruit new research talent. But first and foremost, you are building a position of brand leadership – and that is the true ROI.


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