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Do You Need a Marketing Consultant?

Do You Need a Marketing Consultant?

By Karan Cushman, June 23, 2016


A marketing consultant can make your bioresearch brand stronger, whether you’re a life science company or a biomedical non-profit.

Is your marketing driven by deadlines rather than strategy? Do you feel like you’re constantly scrambling to respond to the latest requests instead of sticking to a meaningful plan? Does it seem like you’re on a non-stop treadmill, but not doing anything properly? If you answered “yes” to any of these, it might be time for you to think about working with a marketing consultant.

Adding a marketing consultant to your team is a great way to get more done with less effort. It might even save you money. Here are nine ways your bioresearch brand can benefit from hiring a marketing consultant:

1) A marketing consultant can boost your reputation.

Proving the value of your research, your progress, or your products is critical to any bioresearch brand. A good consultant brings enough specialized knowledge to grasp the value of your work, plus the marketing know-how to enhance your message and prestige.

2) It’s easier to craft a plan.

Your marketing consultant works outside the day-to-day demands of your organization. This makes him or her an ideal partner when it comes to forming cohesive strategy and monitoring your success. Collaboration allows your marketing plan to become more targeted and less reactionary. Even when deadlines loom, it will be easier to meet them with a strategy and outside resource in place.

3) You can focus on your primary job.

If you have limited internal resources — either in numbers or skill — your consultant can stop the gap. You’ll also be able to concentrate on other responsibilities if marketing is only one part of your job.

4) Your marketing will be more integrated.

If you’re overworked and overwhelmed, chances are you’re not keeping up with that latest tools and strategies. Marketing consultants make it their business to stay up-to-date on best practices. They can also advise you on which communication channels are best for your business. For example, they’ll help you maximize mobile opportunities and use PR to its full potential.

5) You’ll get an outside perspective.

Many in-house teams struggle with being too close to their work. A consultant helps you step away from your organization and see your offering through the eyes of your best prospects. Your consultant can also help you work through project challenges, both internal and external.

6) You’ll get outside resources of time and expertise.

Marketing consultants are often a part of a larger team or agency, which means they have the ability to implement your plan. They can also offer expertise your organization is short on, either directly or via a member of their team.

7) A marketing consultant can rally your team.

Teams with many different opinions (or in many locations) can be difficult to integrate. Your marketing consultant can help everyone get on the same page and track results. He or she can also help you translate more of the interest you generate into qualified leads and sales.

8) Your consultant can advocate for change.

A skilled consultant understands leadership teams and legal departments. When you need to sell innovative and creative solutions to the suits, your consultant can back you up — or even lead the charge.

9) You may even save money.

Marketing consultants create efficiency by helping you establish clear goals and unite your team. This eliminates guesswork from your marketing, helping everyone work more productively in less time. And that saves you money, both in the short and long term.

Still wondering whether a marketing consultant is the right fit for you and your brand? Consider a free 30-minute “Pick Our Brain” session (see sidebar). We’ll talk through your challenges and offer our insight.

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