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Brand Equity Boosts Your Bioresearch Brand’s Value

Brand Equity Boosts Your Bioresearch Brand’s Value

By Karan Cushman, June 1, 2016


Building brand equity can seem challenging in a deadline-driven world. There’s always an urgent campaign or product launch looming. While it’s tempting to solve short-term problems now and do strategy later, the most successful companies in bioresearch — or any other market — know the value of building their brands up front. Here are five ways this work pays you back:

1. Brand equity makes you more valuable

Apple. Nike. Johnson & Johnson. American Red Cross. Pfizer. Novartis. They’re just a few of the household names you recognize and trust at a glance. Every element of their branding creates the desired response, from their logos and color palettes to their slogans and brand voices. That equity has a value that no amount of money can buy.

Great branding takes you up a notch by making your organization distinctive and easier to recognize. It encourages the consistent experiences modern consumers expect. A strategic brand also gives your audience an emotional stake in your success. All of these factors make you worth more to potential buyers, donors, customers, or investors.

2. Strong brand equity boosts your reputation

A well-developed brand understands the most important needs and desires of its target audience. By demonstrating that you’re in tune with your best prospects, you look and sound more professional. This builds the credibility and trust that encourages repeat support and loyalty.

3. You’ll look different — and thus better — than the competition

Being distinctive is the best way to cut through the noise of information overload. A key part of brand equity is branding that clearly differentiates you from rivals. Looking like everyone else in your field may feel “safe.” However, experience shows that it’s far more effective to take a unique approach to your brand, keeping it consistent from the first moment of audience impact through every touch that follows.

4. Marketing gets easier

At the heart of every brand with equity is a well-documented strategy that takes the guesswork out of marketing. There’s no stressing over what to write about, how to use the logo properly, or guessing what your audience really wants. This makes your in-house team more efficient, whether they share one location or are scattered across the globe. It also makes it easier for you to bring outside help up to speed quickly if you get pushed to the limits of your capacity.

5. Brand equity means serious business — literally

You may not think your readers notice when you do your branding work up front. Yet while they may not be aware of how you’ve done it, they will sense the difference. Good branding gives your audience the sense that they’re understood, appreciated, and heard. They’ll appreciate a consistent experience wherever they touch your brand. Most of all, they’ll have the feeling that you take their business seriously, not just your own.

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